Flow Gallery

At Flow, we love to work with illustrations, which is why they get pride of place in issue 2 of this year’s Dutch Flow. In the Flow Gallery section, there are twenty pull-out mini-posters created by our favorite illustrators worldwide, including Nathalie Lété, Ruby Taylor, Liekeland and Aiko Fukawa. Flow’s Jocelyn made the selection and asked the illustrators what materials they like using. A very popular answer was “gouache.” For those of you who don’t know much about this kind of paint, it’s similar to watercolor, but is more opaque so it hides the surface completely.

Here, Bodil Jane & Annemoon van Steen give you a sneak peek of their posters:

Processed with VSCOcam with f2 presetAmsterdam houses – Bodil Jane
Bodil lives and works in Amsterdam, a fact that is often reflected in her work. She made this illustration of Amsterdam’s rooftops for the company, Amsterdam & Co. “Canal houses are endless fun to draw.”

Gnawing rabbit – Annemoon van Steen
Annemoon works in many styles. In her illustrations for Flow, she often combines fine (pencil) drawings with real flowers, feathers and paper finds, such as a piece from a nature encyclopedia or a book page. The gnawing rabbit poster is an illustration she once made for a Flow article. “I actually wanted to have one of my rabbits in the photo, but they don’t like to be picked up. Luckily, though, they love to be stroked.”

knagend konijn.jpg

You can also find Annemoon’s poster in the “Posters” drawer of Flow’s Download Cabinet.