366 Days with Carolyn Gavin

We’re delighted to announce that our annual make-it-yourself calendar is now available in English! In issue 12 of Flow International, you’ll find 366 cards (that’s right, this year’s a leap year), with beautiful quotes, insights and simple tips, all enriched with colorful illustrations and backgrounds by Carolyn Gavin. All you need to do is tear the cards out, string them together and hang them up.


“I’m inspired by nature, animals, flowers and travelling in exotic countries,” says Carolyn, who grew up in South Africa but has been living in Canada for years. “I always have vases and mugs full of flowers in my studio.” For the calendar, Carolyn used watercolours and gouache. “The paint gives a nice relaxed impression. I like to use bright colors and always have to have shades of pink, yellow and orange. I found that a bright, airy look really complimented the positive texts on the cards.”

Carolyn has worked on several projects with us in the past, including our Flow Tear Calendar 2015 and, together with Helen Dardik, our Flow Coloring Book. Watch her at work in this movie below.