Pages for your bullet journal

Bullet journal

The great thing about bullet journals is that they’re completely personal, with every page dedicated to your specific interests. In this blog, we are sharing some page ideas to inspire you. To make this sample bullet journal, we used the Flow Notebook for Paper Lovers.

  1. Bucket list
    You can write down all your long-term wishes and goals on this page. Like the surfing class you’ve always wanted to take, or a trip to South America.
  2. Mood tracker
    You can also keep track of how you’re feeling from day to day. That way, you can easily see what makes you happy and at which moments you don’t feel as good.
  3. Books to read
    There are so many good books out there that it can be a bit overwhelming sometimes. It helps to compile a list of the books you want to read, so that you know what to buy next time you’re in a bookstore.
  4. Recipes
    Apart from using your bullet journal as an agenda, diary or notebook, you can also use it to collect your favorite recipes, ready to use on days when you lack culinary inspiration.
  5. Hotspots
    Keep track of all your favorite restaurants, cafes, shops and places to stay by including them in your bullet journal. It helps to take a page per city, so that your list of hotspots is easy to reference.
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Bullet journal

Bullet journal

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