How to make plant people

plant people

Nothing is more fun or satisfying than making something yourself. And it doesn’t have to be hard: there’s plenty of simple DIY’s that are easy to make but have a great result. For instance this DIY for making your own plant people, made by the creative Tovalisa Dunker from Sweden. 

You will need: Any plant parts that you can find • scissors • tweezers • sheet of paper (as a backdrop) • patience and a pinch of creativity

How to do it:

  1. You don’t have to go far to find what you need for your plant characters. Take a walk around your block and collect different plant parts that you come across (stuff that is okay to pluck, of course). Don’t think too much while gathering your material: just go with the flow(ers).
  2. Take along a pair of scissors and tweezers when you go. These can help you in your hunt for leaves, seeds, flowers and twigs.
  3. Pay attention to all the small details, patience is key. But remember that the only rule is to have fun.
  4. Once you’re back home, place your findings on a sheet of paper and make your plant characters using a range of different (and fun) combinations. Examine the plant parts thoroughly and challenge yourself by using them in their original shapes 
and forms.
  5. This is an activity that needs your full concentration; it’s rather therapeutic in a way. 
And it’s best not to sneeze while doing this.

*This DIY can be found in Issue 29. Do you want to try more creative projects? In our Make it yourself-special there’s 26 DIY-projects from different Flow creatives around the world.

plant people

Text and photography Tovalisa Dunker