Make your own paper cactus

Paper cactus

The Flow Book for paper lovers has a lot of ready-made DIY’s that you can easily make yourself, like the notebook in Paper lovers 5. But you can also think of something creative yourself. Like these paper cactuses, with prints from the Book for paper lovers 5. 

  1. Choose a few pages from the Book for paper lovers that you like. You can keep it realistic with green, or go for a fun color or print.
  2. For the larger cactus you first draw a cactus shape of your choice on carboard or thick paper. Cut them out and use it as a template on the paper of your choice. Cut it out twice.
  3. Make a cut in one of the cactuses to the middle from the top, and on the other one from the bottom. Slide them together.
  4. For the smaller cactus you draw about ten circles of the same size (you can use an object to trace, like a glass).
  5. Cut these out and fold them in half (the side you want to see on the outside has to be folded inwards).
  6. Now glue one side of the circle to the other. Keep going until you all attached them to each other.
  7. Glue the last two outer circles to each other to close the circle. Fold it open and put it next to the other, tall cactus. Done!

Photography Daphne van Schie