Homemade ice pops

Every August, the team here at Flow headquarters can’t wait to celebrate the birthday of Ellen (@zuuz_nl), one of our Dutch issue’s editors. Because each year, Ellen makes the most delicious treats to share with us, and this time was no exception as she surprised us with homemade ice pops.

  • The white pops are key lime pie, the recipe for which comes from Smittenkitchen, and Ellen sprinkled some of them with finely ground cinnamon- and clove-flavored Bastogne cookies.
  • The dark ice pops are chocolate fudge-flavored, and Ellen found the recipe for these on Food52.com. For some aesthetic – and extra tasty – appeal, she added some chopped roasted hazelnuts, which worked really well.
  • The red ice pops are made from either watermelon or strawberry. Ellen pureed about 300 grams of fruit, ice, the juice of one lime and 60-100 grams of powdered sugar in a blender (or food processor). “Taste the mixture to see if it’s sweet enough and add a little sugar if necessary,” says Ellen. “Pour the mixture into ice pop molds and place them in the freezer for a few hours. For the watermelon ones, I added some small chocolate drops to mimic the seeds…”

Ellen used Pavoni ice pop molds, which are made from soft silicone and are easy to remove the ice pops from once they have frozen. Once they have been filled with the mixture, and a wooden stick has been inserted, the molds can be placed (lying down) in the freezer. But you can also use a silicone muffin mold or paper cups and insert the wooden stick horizontally.