How to: fold your own gift bag

Fold gift bag

The newest Book for Paper Lovers is here, and we couldn’t be more happy. It’s nice and big, full of a fine array of paper goodies—there are more than 300 pages in fact. One of those goodies are patterns with which you can fold your own gift bag. We’ll show you in a video how to do it.

  1. Fold the two short outer edges in toward the center so that they are touching.
  2. Stick the two edges together with some tape.
  3. Next, fold the bottom of the bag up, at approx. 3 cm.
  4. Open the seam.
  5. Fold the upper and lower sides toward each other, allowing for a slight overlap, and tape together.
  6. Ready!
  • The Book for Paper Lovers 6 is now available in stores and in our webshop.