Animated Illustrations

Marloes de Vries and Bodil Jane are just two of the illustrators that are featured in our Flow Sketchbook. Bodil teaches you how to draw pretty borders, and Marloes provides an insider drawing tip, as well as drawing herself in the “Selfie Gallery.”

Here, on Day 1 of our blog’s special Drawing Week, they both share an animation with us.


Marloes de Vries: “In art school I studied a lot of different things, but mostly graphic design and film. So I’m also really fond of moving images and narrative drawings. For a while now, I’ve been trying out some things with animation and I’ve found that not only have I really enjoyed doing it, but it’s also a nice addition to my illustrations. Is it difficult? No, but you do have to have A LOT of patience. For my animations, I work image by image, which means I need 25 images for just one second. And so my animations are still very simple at the moment, but I hope to keep learning more and more.”

20160408_Tekenweek_BodilJane_1 20160408_Tekenweek_BodilJane_2

Bodil Jane: “I’m particularly interested in GIFs, which are very short animations of a few images that loop. You don’t need as much patience for those as you do for Marloes’ method, which is perfect for me as I’m not such a patient person, so I’m much happier with quick results. At school I had lessons in animation, but it is such a long and complicated process. And quite difficult, too! That’s why GIFs are the best outcome: they just run forever and if you choose an amusing subject, they are very cute and funny. I made this photo GIF with the Instant app, a hilarious app where you film something for a few seconds and then convert it into a GIF that you can send to friends. I made so many that I decided to also create illustrated versions. So, mini autobiographies :)”

The Flow Sketchbook is now available in stores and can also be ordered from our web shop.