Art in a tin

Heidi Annalise

American artist Heidi Annalise creates small oil paintings. So small, in fact, that they fit inside a mint tin. She has 145,000 followers on Instagram and has turned her art into her profession.

Heidi didn’t attend an art school or have any clear plan about being an artist, but she decided to quit her 9-to-5 job in 2015 to become one full-time after spending two years enjoying oil painting as a casual hobby. It was definitely worth the risk, because her miniature landscapes in mint tins caused quite a buzz on Instagram and therefore also in the art world.

‘Since then I’ve made it my goal to capture as many beautiful vistas in this miniature format as possible,’ says Heidi, ‘in Colorado [US] and around the globe, and to share the simple pleasures of the natural world with my online community.’

Photo Heidi Annalise