Six ways to feel good

If you find yourself feeling low, follow these ‘Six Habits of Happiness’ from the UC Berkeley’s Greater Good Science Center to inject some feel-good factors in your life. 

  • Pay attention
    Mindful people have a stronger immune system and are less likely to be hostile or anxious.
  • Keep friends close
    Social connections are key to happiness. But it’s quality over quantity, so make time for those closest to you.
  • Give thanks
    Regularly expressing gratitude promotes optimism, better health and greater satisfaction with life.
  • Drop grudges
    By forgiving those who have wronged us, we feel better about ourselves, experience more positive emotions and feel closer to others.
  • Get moving
    Regular exercise increases self-esteem and reduces anxiety and stress.
  • Practice kindness
    Selfless acts light up the same pleasure centers in the brain as food and sex.
  • This list can also be found in Issue 20.

Text Julia Gorodecky Photography Shutterstock


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