The power of little steps

little steps

Today’s world is full of unrest and tension and, while most of 
us would love to do something to change this, it’s hard to know where to start. Journalist Jocelyn de Kwant believes in 
the power of little steps and small actions.

A common excuse for not taking action, even when we really want to, 
is that we are too busy. Still, bringing about change doesn’t have to take heaps of time. I believe in the power 
of little steps, small actions. But I do believe they need to be physical. Signing petitions and sharing Facebook posts won’t solve much, partly because you and your friends probably already agree with each 
other on most issues. If you keep 
your resolutions clear and simple, and make sure they suit your personality, chances are that you are more likely to see your plan through and commit to your goal.

Joanne, an interior architect I know, simply joined a website that connects people who want to help with people who need it. “I started working part-time after my son was born,” Joanne says. “It was perfectly possible to do something good for others on the days I was with my son. I wrote: ‘Willing to go for walks, meet for coffee, do some shopping, anything that can be done with a baby in tow’. After two weeks, I was connected to an elderly lady in the neighborhood. She’d lost touch with her children and didn’t have any other relatives. That’s almost five years ago and I still visit ‘Granny Toeti’ every two weeks for coffee, now with two children in tow.”


“She spoils us rotten with candy and cookies. It means so much to her—and to us, too. She’s become part of our life. I’ve also recently started going for walks with a lovely young lady who has trouble leaving her house because of an illness. I help her, but it’s good for me, also, because I enjoy our talks. And it gets me outdoors, something I don’t usually do during working hours.”

  • The complete story ‘You can start with a pan of soup’ can be found in Issue 24.

Text Jocelyn de Kwant Illustration Anne Bentley