Kate Pugsley (4/4)

American artist Kate Pugsley has collaborated with us on several things, such as creating the cover of our Mindfulness Workbook and issue 15, as well as contributing to the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 4. In a series of four blogs, Kate tells us a little about herself and the way she works. Here’s the final part:

This exercise is a brilliant way to get your imagination moving. I have been doing this for years when I am feeling uninspired and stuck, and it always helps me to find new ideas.

Start with some paints and mix some colors that you like to use. I like to use watercolors or gouache. Also find some scraps or sheets of plain white drawing paper.

Paint the scraps of paper with all different colors and then let them dry.

Next get some scissors or an x-acto knife and cut the papers into fun and interesting shapes. I like to paint some details, like dots or stripes on some of the papers. I then cut them out into blobs, squares, plants, animals, and other random shapes.

Then I spend some time playing and making arrangements. Sometimes I glue them down in my sketchbook, sometimes I just take pictures. I find experimenting this way to be really refreshing and I often get lost in it for hours. There are so many possibilities, and it is so easy to change the direction of your work. You don’t have to start over if you don’t like something, just move the shapes and it can become something completely different.

If I really like an arrangement it becomes a final piece, but often this is just a relaxing practice to stimulate creativity. I hope you try it and enjoy the process.



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