Kate Pugsley (1/4)

American artist Kate Pugsley has collaborated with us on several things, such as creating the cover of our Mindfulness Workbook and issue 15, as well as contributing to the Flow Book for Paper Lovers 4. Kate also took over our Friends of Flow Pinterest board for a month and treated us to plenty of beautiful images, which you can see here. In a series of four blogs, Kate tells us a little about herself and the way she works.

Here’s part one:
I am Kate, an illustrator and painter. I live in Chicago and I spend most of my time working in my home studio, trying to avoid the many nearby distractions. I’ve always kept a home studio since finishing art school. Sometimes I fancy the idea of working near other artists in a shared space, but I focus much better without others around me. My studio has great natural light and I feel really lucky to walk into it every day.


I work with traditional materials for my illustrations and paintings. Mostly gouache, pencil, watercolor and acrylic on paper. I like to create balance by working on many different kinds of projects. I work on books, magazines, cards and patterns for clients, while simultaneously making personal paintings. One of my favorite things to do is use the leftover paint from an illustration I’m working on to play with color in an abstract study.

kp-painting-studio kopie

I think this comes from my tendency to struggle with opposites. I am always searching for simplicity in my work, but also love intricate detail. I love modern, clean illustration and design, but also love the spontaneous and messy. Figure and abstract, real and imagined, modern and classic are all things that I am simultaneously drawn to. Sometimes it is frustrating, but generally I think it is a good challenge and keeps my practice fresh.

I hope you’ll follow my posts as I share more about my process, inspiration, people watching and drawing in public.





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