Jana’s stop-motion videos


Whenever we publish a new Flow project, we post a 
fun little stop-motion animation about it on flowmagazine.com 
and social media. Meet Jana Kaminski, the animator and illustrator who creates them for us.

What do you do for Flow?
“I’ve been making GIFs and little stop-motion videos about Flow issues and special editions since spring last year. A GIF is like a five-second moving image, which is just enough to tease people into watching the longer version.”

How do you make these?
“I always look at the cover of the issue or special for a while and ask myself which setting would be fitting and how can I bring this cover to life. After that I have a browse through the issue and more ideas will come to me. Once I’ve made a selection 
of the things I want to show, I get to work with the stop-motion animation. I love working with materials like paper and paint. One second of animation requires between fifteen and twenty-five photos, 
so a one-minute film consists of twelve-hundred images. After assembling and editing, I add music and sometimes sound effects. Creating one animation takes two to three days.”

How do you get inspired?
“Usually I imagine what would happen if an image were to come to life, like a woman who winks or a blossoming flower. I enjoy playing around with reality, like turning a real object into an image in the magazine or the other way around. That is what makes stop-motion special to me: making things possible that are not possible in real life. Almost like a bit of magic.”

Photography Margriet van Vianen