Bodil Jane (2/4)

We yield the floor to Amsterdam based Bodil Jane (Bodil is her first name, Jane her second: together they are her alias), who recently graduated as an illustrator. She’s already made lots of beautiful illustrations for a variety of clients.

Hi there, Flow blog readers,
How exciting, my second blog already! This week I’d like to show you a very thrilling project: my collaboration with LoveStories, the new brand of lingerie by stylist Marloes Hoedeman. My first job for LoveStories was making illustrations for the big inspiration book. I illustrated sets of underwear based on the technical drawings Marloes would send me. LoveStories is funky and fresh. I wanted to hold on to that and chose to work with water colors and ink.


A little bit later I got to make illustrations for the entire LoveStories collection. These will be on tags attached to the different items. I made them using crayons and ink. Because there are so many different prints it was quite a big job! I drew the print and the outline separately.


At the moment, LoveStories has a showroom on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. I have made a drawing for the window inspired by earlier sketches I’d made for the brand. It has that lacy look, with lots and lots of hearts of course. In future I will be doing a lot more work for LoveStories. For instance, I’ll be designing them an illustrated card game soon. If you’d like to stay up to date, you can follow LoveStories on Instagram (@lovestoriesintimates).  LoveStories aren’t the only ones I’ve done a window drawing for. Last week I made a second window drawing for eat shop Sterk In Eten (‘Strong in food’). They also organize vegetable garden courses and kids’ parties. I wanted all of that to show in the window drawing.


It also needed a bit of a wintery look. So I drew pumpkins, plants and parsnips. I’d done work for Sterk In Eten before, when I made a flyer featuring some of their products. These illustrations I did in water colors.


Of course you can see all these projects on my website: You can follow the process via Instagram (@bodiljane) and Facebook (

x Bodil Jane