Annemoon van Steen

One of our favs to make: the new Book for Paper Lovers. A book with (almost) no text, just paper. We collaborated with a large team of illustrators from all around the world, and this week we will introduce you to four of the main designers. Today it’s Annemoon’s turn. 


Annemoon (Utrecht, The Netherlands) works as a freelance illustrator and designer. For this book, she made three different prints inspired by nature – feathers, seeds and flowers – and some matching illustrations. She gets her inspiration from nature. “But also motifs and patterns that appear in fashion and giftwrapping.” Her paperpassion: “Everything related to paper, from old letters to books to file binders to paper and card packaging.”

  • You can take a look at Annemoon’s work on her website and Instagram.
  • The Book for Paper Lovers 4 is available in our shop.

Illustration Annemoon van Steen