5 beautiful Bookstagrams


Although books are mainly about the story, sometimes it’s their beautiful covers that captivate your attention. That’s what the people behind these five Bookstagrams think, too.


Imagine the office and desk of an old professor who has been collecting books all their life. Chances are that it would look something like the photo below. The beautiful piles of books that you see here make you wonder why you actually keep your books neatly in a bookcase.



Polly’s atmospheric photos make us long for rainy afternoons where we can curl up under a blanket with a book.



Norwegian Alice posts all sorts of wonderful finds and book tips.



With all the latest crime-related books as well as extensive reviews, this account is an absolute delight to behold for lovers of suspense and crime.



The photos Carolyn takes of, among other things, books are truly beautiful creations.


Photography Caryolyn @theslowtraveler