Slow down with our Diary 2018

Our Flow Diary 2018, illustrated by Louise Lockhart, aims to help you create a slower life. It has a spread for each week so you can write in all your appointments, followed by a spread for notes, so you can schedule in some me-time too.

  • Less hectic
    Because it fits into (almost) every bag, you’re more likely to take the diary with you wherever you go and not forget any appointments. Its small size means you’re automatically more aware of the amount of engagements you make. A conscious choice in your time management makes for a less hectic life.

  • More space in your head
    After each week, you will find two blank pages that you can use to write your thoughts, memories or to-do lists. By writing things down, you can let them go and create more space in your head.
  • Nice reminders
    At the back of the diary you will find some mini stickers to help remind you to do nothing once in a while. To put your work aside and take a day off, for example. Because sometimes, the best things happen when you’re doing absolutely nothing.
  • You can find the Flow Diary 2018 in our shop.