Winkel van papier

Daniëlle Vos (25) started collecting stickers and notepads when she was a kid and nowadays she combines a job as a healthcare professional with her web shop filled with paper treasures.

Tell us about yourself
“Over two years ago I had to have an operation and while recovering I could only lay in bed. I got a lot of energy from blogging about web shops. I thought a lot and I took note of all the things I wanted or didn’t want if I were ever to start a web shop of my own. I also enjoy musicals, going out for a meal in exotic restaurants and weekend getaways to do some real life shopping now that I’m back on my feet.”

How is it going so far?
“It’s going really well, much better than I ever expected or dared to hope. Fortune favors the bold, so whenever I come across a brand I’d like to sell, I simply mail or call. I expected doing administration would be a nightmare, but it’s not that hard actually. And I love it when a costumer sends or tweets me a message or a picture.”

What do you use paper goods for?
“I do try to save most of it for the shop, but sometimes I just have to have a certain little treasure for myself. Like the April Story notepads that I sell exclusively: I have every version in use, for my accounts, as a diary, as a notepad and as a photo album. I also own most of the stamps and I use rolls of masking tape to wrap orders. I also use the Devine Twine and the bags from the Inpakken maar (‘wrap it up’) category. Not that bad, right? Oh, and I send postcards from my own stock these days, as I have collected the prettiest, the best and the sweetest of them all.”