Calendar and Diary 2017

Hurray, they’ve arrived: the new Tear Calendar 2017 and Diary 2017.  

The Flow Tear Calendar poses a different question every day. Because a good question makes you think and opens windows in your mind, and asking yourself these questions can help you become more curious and thus enrich your daily life. Mevrouw Knot provided all the hand-lettered questions for this calendar, and she used 4 pots of India ink and 337 sheets of paper while painting them.

The Flow Tear Calendar 2017 costs €14.95 and is available from our web shop or in stores around the world.


Flow Diary 2017
This diary is probably our favorite one ever. Because of the beautiful patterns inside that were designed by Scandinavian designer Lotta Jansdotter and because of the spacious layout. Each two-page spread has room for your daily appointments on the right and on the left page, you can write down notes, to-do lists or just some thoughts. In the back you’ll find an envelope filled with stickers and postcards.

If you’d like to browse through the diary’s pages, you can do so at our web shop.

The Flow Diary 2017 costs €16.95. You can order the diary from our web shop. Or you can find it in bookstores around the world. Take a look at the store locator below, or e-mail us at for more information.

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