Three types of friendship

As your life changes, so do your friendships. But some remain, keeping you connected to who you were earlier in life. Friends often know yourself better than you know yourself. According to Aristotle, there are three types of friendships. We wrote them down below.

  1. Friendship of utility
    A friendship between people who want to derive some benefit from each other for their own sake. They share certain interests, hobbies or work.
  2. Friendship of pleasure
    A friendship normally built between young people, based on passions and pleasures. These friends are seeking something that is pleasant to them presently, and so the friendships can be fleeting and easily change.
  3. Friendship of goodness
    A friendship between people who only wish each other the best. This is the highest level of friendship, and is also known as a perfect friendship. Good friends love each other for who they are. As humans, it is impossible for us to maintain a large number of such friendships.

Text Irene Ras