How to say no in three steps

Say no

Saying no is hard – but sometimes we need to do it just to protect ourselves from doing too much. These tips may help.

  1. Practicing. Saying “Sorry, that won’t work” instead of the eternal “Okay” takes time to make it a habit. In the end, it’s easier than first saying yes and then later having to make it a no.
  2. What is really important? Be clear about your priorities. Not only to yourself, but also to others. Communicate that you are striking a very precise balance between your work and private life.
  3. Focus on the benefits. Instead of getting annoyed at the other person’s disappointment, focus on the good that will come from you having said no; like being able to meet your deadlines without stress, for example.
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Text Peggy van der Lee  Photography Alex Radelich/

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