How to manage time

The Mindfulness Workbook contains six chapters with interviews, insights and lots of exercises.  One of those insights is how to manage time. In this blog you can read two of the five tips.

Seize the day
Are you in a busy phase? Then just do the things that energize and inspire you. According to mindfulness expert Mark Williams, we tend to stop doing those things first. “You stop singing, you stop playing your musical instrument, you don’t invite people round for dinner anymore. And you hear yourself say, ‘I’ll do it next month, or next year’. But in fact you are postponing your life. We never realize that today is the future we promised ourselves last month. But it is. This is life, and it’s happening right now.”

Take time for reflection
In Asian countries, you shouldn’t disturb someone with their legs up on a desk, as they are busy doing something important: reflecting, pondering. British author Tom Hodgkinson goes one step further. “To have more time for reflection, you should plan to spend less time on actual work,” he says. “If your intention is to do strictly three hours of concentrated work, you will be done in three hours. If you have eight hours, then most of the time will be lost just staring at your computer screen, or chatting on the phone with a friend or replying to unimportant e-mails.”

Want to read the other tips as well? They can be found in the Mindfulness Workbook, which is on sale in our webshop.

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