New issue

Excited to see the contents of Flow issue 12? We’ve made a little list of things to read:


At the age of 80, French illustrator Alain Grée is still happily illustrating children’s books from his house in the South of France. That’s probably because he loves what he does, and does what he loves.

* Work soft
Why always work so hard, when you can work soft instead? Doing the things you do well and attentively. Journalist Peggy van der Lee, the quintessential hard worker, tries it out.

* Living and working on the water
A peek into the houseboat of Roos Brancovich, where denim blue flies true. She’s most happy when dying old linen fabrics with indigo.

* Drawing lesson
Katrin Coetzer teaches us how to draw things from everyday life.

* Flow Extra: 366 days of Flow Calendar
Full of great quotes, insights and simple but very useful tips – one for everyday of the year (ans yes, 366 days, as it is a leap year).

Flow Magazine International issue 12 is now available in our web shop and soon in stores worldwide.