Five tips on how to job craft

A couple of weeks ago we wrote about job crafting: reshaping your job in such a way that it makes you happy again. You’ll find a full feature about it in issue 18 of Flow. Below are five tips on how to job craft.

  1. Keep track of how you feel during your working day for a few days. What gives you energy? What drains it? What makes you feel good and what doesn’t?
  2. Analyze how much time you spend doing things that give energy, and how much time you spend doing things that make you feel tired.
  3. See if you can increase the time you spend doing things that give you energy by moving things around.
  4. Try to find out which other aspects make your job more fun, like interacting with certain customers or colleagues. The quality of the contact with others is one of the things that give meaning to your job.
  5. Talk about your findings with your superior and/or colleagues, and propose some changes. And remember that a task that you hate may be something one of your colleagues finds very satisfying.

Text Nina Siegal Illustrations Geraldine SY