A Mindful Library

In issue 16 of Flow Magazine, journalist and managing editor of our specials, Caroline Buijs writes about the beauty of Mindful Drawing. She describes how it’s all about paying attention to the activity itself rather than worrying about the end result, and explains that when you draw mindfully, you see and notice so much more. The feature also includes exercises and tips from the book Mindfulness & the Art of Drawing by British artist and mindfulness teacher Wendy Ann Greenlagh. The book is just one in a series of Mindfulness books that encourage using the practice in everyday life and all manner of issues. The library, created by Leaping Hare Press (an imprint of Ivy Press), spans from baking, drawing and gardening to singing, swimming and surfing; and from walking and urban living to parenting and unravelling anxiety. The books, which are written by enthusiastic experts in each field, share practical knowledge in a fun, original and accessible way.