Issue 20 is here

The new issue of Flow Magazine is here! And just to pique your curiosity, we’ve listed a few of things you’ll find inside…

  • Your second family
    Sometimes you have such a bond with someone that the word ‘friend’ doesn’t even begin to do it justice. This is when they feel more like family, a family that you’ve picked yourself. Journalist Otje van der Lelij looks at the increasing importance of friendships and the different circles of friends we have these days too.

  • The new take on meditating
    The traditional form of sitting on a cushion in Lotus Position is just one way to meditate. You can also incorporate the practice into your daily life by paying mindful attention while gardening, coloring or even washing dishes. And it’s just as beneficial.

  • Book faces
    It’s the latest story that is gripping book lovers around the world. And there’s not a word in sight. Book facing is the visual hit that will leave you wanting more.
  • Wakey wakey rise and shine
    Getting up an hour earlier than usual can change your whole day. Inspired by the book The Miracle Morning, journalist Jocelyn de Kwant gives it a go and tells us about her progress – benefits, pitfalls and all.


Flow extra’s:
Three notebooks and offline stickers.

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