Draw Tip Tuesday #4: Make it fun

Draw Tip Tuesday

At Flow we love to draw. It helps to clear your mind, especially if you’re not too focused on the end result. But sometimes it’s hard to just get started. Which is why we’ve got together with Sketchbook Skool to share a few videos that we hope will inspire you. In the fourth video of this Draw Tip Tuesday mini series: make it fun.

In the previous blog about drawing we explained how it doesn’t have to be hard to come up with new ideas—you can just look around you. Even the contents of your bag can be a source of inspiration. However, they can also be used as art tools, just like the things around you at home. The discovery of these new materials makes drawing extra fun. Illustrator Koosje Koene of Sketchbook Skool gives her drawing an interesting twist with coffee in the video below.

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