Create your own notebook


In our new Book for Paper Lovers 5 you’ll find several DIY-projects: like creating your own notebook. In this how-to we show you how to make it. 

  • In the Book for Paper Lovers 5 you’ll find pages where you can make the notebook. Rip them out the book and cut it in half.
  • Fold the pages along the line in the middle and fold them together so it gets the shape of a booklet.
  • Make four holes with a skewer or paper clip in the middle of the notebook. Tie it down with a little rope.
  • Now you can fill up the notebook. Write about books you want to read or a grocerylist. We like to use it as mini-mindful-notebook. Because it is small you can take it everywhere.

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‘The Art of Mail’ package is created to inspire you to pick up your pen and send a letter to a close friend, family member, colleague or maybe even a stranger. Who knows what might come of it?

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