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Welcome to is a website of Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V. (hereinafter referred to as: “Sanoma Media”), part of the Sanoma Media Netherlands group. Sanoma Media believes that protecting the personal privacy of users of its websites is a vital part of its activities.

The personal information Sanoma Media processes about you (hereinafter referred to as: “personal data”) is therefore treated and protected with the greatest possible care. To this end, Sanoma Media complies with all applicable statutory regulations, including the Dutch Personal Data Protection Act. The body responsible for processing personal data is Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V., Capellalaan 65, 2132 JL Hoofddorp. You can always contact Sanoma Media via

Sanoma Media has registered the processing of personal data with the Personal Data Protection Authority (CBP), under number 1433534. More information about the Personal Data Protection Authority and about privacy can be found at


In principle, providing personal data to Sanoma Media is not compulsory. You always have a choice as to whether to fill in your personal details or not. Nevertheless, if you wish to use a number of Sanoma Media services, it’s necessary to enter your personal data. When you are asked to enter data, you are told which data is necessary to make use of the service (so this data must be entered), and which data is optional.


When offering services, Sanoma Media may process personal data. For example, name, contact details, date of birth, gender and e-mail address, but also data about your interests as a user of one or more of our websites. Such data might already be known to Sanoma Media because you’ve already indicated an interest in certain subjects or because Sanoma Media has gathered information about your interests on the basis of the way in which you use Sanoma Media. Financial data, such as your bank details, are also processed if you order products on one of our websites or you subscribe to certain services, insofar as this data is necessary for payment of the products or subscriptions in question. The Sanoma Media servers automatically register other types of data, such as browser type and language, and the date and time when you visited our application.

Sanoma Media may share your personal data with other companies in its group. This includes all companies which form part of the Sanoma Media Netherlands group (for example, in addition to Sanoma Digital Group the Netherlands B.V., Mood for Magazines B.V. and Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V.). Sanoma Media may also combine your data with other data which has been collected as part of your purchase or use of Sanoma Media products or services or its group companies. Sanoma Media does this so that we can provide you with an improved service and can match the content of the websites more effectively to your interests. If you object to this sharing or combining of your personal data with other group companies you should report this by sending an e-mail to

Sanoma Media collects and processes personal data via the websites it manages for the following purposes:

  1. a. for effectuating and implementing the contract we have entered into with you and to offer and deliver to you the agreed services, products and/or information, as well as to adapt these to your needs and wishes;
  2. b. to enable you to post and share information on one of the websites, or – if the website includes this option – to contact other users;
  3. c. in order to invoice you if it concerns a service for which you pay. Financial data is never published by Sanoma Media in a website, neither is it made available to third parties for purposes other than effectuation of the contract;
  4. d. to make specific offers: for example, an advert might be displayed of a product which Sanoma Media suspects might interest you on the basis of the data processed. In optimising this service, Sanoma Media might build up a profile of you;
  5. e. to send you a newsletter, offers, user information, service bulletins or other electronic messages;
  6. f. to analyse, to maintain, to protect and to optimise its websites and related technologies;
  7. g. to satisfy the requirements of the statutory regulations applicable to Sanoma Media. In principle, Sanoma Media stores your information for as long as this is necessary for the aforementioned purposes, or in satisfying its statutory obligations (for example, for storing data).


As previously mentioned, Sanoma Media may share personal information it processes with its group companies and may combine your personal data with data which has been collected as part of your purchase or use of Sanoma Media products or services or those of its group companies. If you object to this sharing or combining of your personal data with Sanoma Media group companies you should report this by sending an e-mail to

You address details may also be provided to carefully selected third parties (including ‘list rental’) for sending information or offers by telephone and/or by post. We select these third parties on the basis of the information we have collected about your purchase, internet use and/or subscriptions. These third parties will use your data to make offers which they think will tie in with your own interests. If you don’t wish to receive this information or these offers, you can block your data. Only if you have provided Sanoma Media with explicit permission to do so, can Sanoma Media use your electronic data for sending information and offers provided by third parties about their products and services. Such information and offers will always be sent by Sanoma Media. The information and offers provided by third parties are always assessed by Sanoma Media before this is sent. You can always withdraw any permission you have given for third parties to use this electronic data. In both cases you can send a letter to Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V., marked for the attention of: Customer Services Privacy, Capellalaan 65, 2131 JL, Hoofddorp or send and e-mail to

In special cases, Sanoma Media – regardless of whether you have given permission – can pass on personal data to third parties. Special cases, for example, include legitimate requests to this end by statutory authorities, for summonses or court orders, actions intended to trace or prevent damage or fraud, or actions to guarantee the security of the network and the services of Sanoma Media. Sanoma Media will also provide personal data to so-called processors who – on the instruction of Sanoma Media – supply products and services requested by you. Unless you indicate otherwise, your personal data will only be used for purposes of the delivery.

Sanoma Media can share specific anonymous data with third parties, such as the number of users searching a specific search term, or the number of users who have clicked on a specific advertisement. You cannot be identified from this data.


At all times, when processing personal data, Sanoma Media maintains a level of protection which – given the current state of technology – is adequate to prevent unauthorised access to and manipulation, publication and loss of personal data.


Sanoma Media aims to provide transparency regarding the way in which it treats your personal data. This privacy and cookie policy is aimed at contributing towards this. However, you may still have questions regarding the way in which Sanoma Media handles your personal data. If so, you can always send a message to: or to Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V., marked for the attention of: Customer Services Privacy, Capellalaan 65, 2132 JL, Hoofddorp.

If you would like to know what personal data we hold on you, if you would like to change this data or would like to delete this in conformity with the applicable regulations, you can send a message to or to Sanoma Media Netherlands B.V., marked for the attention of: Customer Services Privacy, Capellalaan 65, 2132 JL, Hoofddorp, stating ‘inspecting/changing/deleting personal data’. If you would prefer your personal data not to be passed on to group companies or third parties or to be used for making special offers or for receiving information and offers by e-mail or by post, you can likewise indicate this. In whichever circumstance, when you send the message you should state your full name and address, accompanied by a copy of your ID so that Sanoma Media knows that the information is being sent to the right person. If Sanoma Media cannot (fully) establish the personal data to which your request for inspection, change or removal relates, Sanoma Media may ask you to specify your request in more detail. Sanoma Media will take no further action regarding your request until you have provided Sanoma Media with these more detailed specifications. After dealing with your request, Sanoma Media will always send you confirmation of this.

As soon as possible after receiving this request, Sanoma Media will stop using your data for the purposes to which you object and, in the event of a legitimate request or removal or changes of this data, will remove or change the personal data in question, unless and insofar as, the law obliges Sanoma Media to keep the personal data in question or there are (other) pressing reasons which preclude removal.

Likewise, many Sanoma Media websites entitle you to inspect or to change your own personal data yourself, and it is possible to remove any of your personal data entered into the website using the specified options available.


Cookies are small text files that are stored on your computer’s hard drive or in its memory. Cookies cannot damage your computer or any files stored on your computer.

Cookies enable Sanoma Media applications to recognise you when you start these up again. Cookies are used for example, to remember where you last were when you closed the website or to ascertain your preferred settings.

Cookies can also be used to improve matching of advertisements in the websites to your needs and interests, in order to prevent certain adverts being displayed too frequently or to register how often an advertisement is displayed.

You have an active cookie, click on Opt-out to change. This only works on the telephone/tablet and browser you are using at the time. If you use several telephones/tablets, you should repeat this action for each of these devices.

If you disable the installation of cookies, certain functions may no longer work or it may not be possible to use certain Sanoma Media services.

As previously mentioned, Sanoma Media may share personal information it processes with its group companies and may combine your personal data with data which has been collected as part of your purchase or use of Sanoma Media products or services or those of its group companies.

In order to present advertisements commissioned by Sanoma Media in Sanoma Media websites, Sanoma Media uses the services of third parties. To do this, they also install cookies on your telephone/tablet. The privacy and cookie policy of the company in question applies to the use of cookies by other companies. Advertisers and other companies do not have any access to the cookies installed by Sanoma Media.

You can decide for yourself if you want to accept or refuse your cookies or if you would like your browser to notify you when a cookie is being installed. To do this you have to change the settings in your browser. Because each browser is different, Sanoma Media refers you to your browser’s “help” menu in order to configure your preferred cookie settings. At you can also cancel installation of cookies by Google and its group companies and at you can do the same for the installation of cookies by other advertising networks who present advertisements in Sanoma Media websites commissioned by Sanoma Media.


The servers used by DoubleClick for presenting advertisements in Sanoma Media websites are located outside the European Union. In order for the correct, Dutch language advertisements to be presented, Sanoma Media passes on details of location to DoubleClick. An appropriate level of protection is guaranteed in view of the fact that DoubleClick has made a declaration to the effect that it will abide by the ‘safe harbour’ privacy regulations.


Sanoma Media retains the right to change its privacy and cookie policy. Sanoma Media would therefore advise you to regularly check this page to see if any changes have been made. If Sanoma Media makes any significant changes, it will ensure that this is made known more prominently, for example via e-mail for specific services.

This privacy statement is last changed on 14 may 2012.