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It’s seems like nothing, but it’s everything. One day American Tinney Davidson decided to start waving at all the students who passed by her window. And what started out as a small gesture became a big happiness thing, both for her and for the passing students. Last Valentine’s day the students decided to surprise her. Are you ready a feel-really-good-video? Check this out and enjoy!
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Heather Moore is the woman behind the South African brand Skinny laMinx. She was an early adopter in the land of web shops and this resulted in an international client list. That’s why she’ll soon be selling the international edition of Flow magazine.

140222_Skinny LaMinx

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
“Originally I am from Johannesburg, but I’ve been living in Capetown for the past sixteen years. I’ve been running Skinny laMinx from here since 2007 and two years ago I also started my own shop. For about 15 years before that, I’d been finding my way, studying Drama and English and Teaching, and then working as an illustrator, textbook writer and comics scriptwriter. All of these were a lot of fun as well, but I’m glad I found what I like best, which is designing and creating patterns, and telling stories around them.”

How is life in Capetown?
“I’m completely in love with this place. The lifestyle mix of beach and mountain and city is truly wonderful, and the beauty we see on a daily basis never ceases to astonish me. On the other hand, South Africa is a developing economy, with a lot of social inequalities and a great deal of poverty. We are very grateful to have a business that is doing well, and that we are able to help other people find worthwhile employment with us.”

They say that Capetown has this creative energy, do you agree?
“I really do think there is a big new energy in Capetown. In my opinion, it is something to do with a new generation of young designers who no longer suffer from the inferiority complex that our country’s political history gave the generation before. Our young designers believe themselves to be part of a global design community, and they believe that South African design has something special to offer the world. In the last few years, especially, I’ve seen so many new, exciting, energetic businesses start up, and many of them manage to succeed and thrive. This year in particular is an exciting one for Cape Town, as we’ve been chosen as the World Design Capital for 2014.”

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Each Wednesday we feature a guest blogger on This month we yield the floor to Amsterdam based Bodil Jane (Bodil is her first name, Jane her second: together they are her alias), who recently graduated as an illustrator. She’s made lots of beautiful illustrations for a variety of clients. In the next four weeks she’ll share how she lives.

Hi there, Flow-blog-readers,
How exciting, my second blog already! This week I’d like to show you a very thrilling project: my collaboration with LoveStories, the new brand of lingerie by stylist Marloes Hoedeman. My first job for LoveStories was making illustrations for the big inspiration book. I illustrated sets of underwear based on the technical drawings Marloes would send me. LoveStories is funky and fresh. I wanted to hold on to that and chose to work with water colors and ink.


A little bit later I got to make illustrations for the entire LoveStories collection. These will be on tags attached to the different items. I made them using crayons and ink. Because there are so many different prints it was quite a big job! I drew the print and the outline separately.


At the moment, LoveStories has a showroom on the Herengracht in Amsterdam. I have made a drawing for the window inspired by earlier sketches I’d made for the brand. It has that lacy look, with lots and lots of hearts of course.


In future I will be doing a lot more work for LoveStories. For instance, I’ll be designing them an illustrated card game soon. If you’d like to stay up to date, you can follow LoveStories on Instagram



LoveStories aren’t the only ones I’ve done a window drawing for. Last week I made a second window drawing for eat-shop Sterk In Eten (‘Strong in food’). They also organize vegetable garden courses and kids’ parties. I wanted all of that to show in the window drawing.


It also needed a bit of a wintery look. So I drew pumpkins, plants and parsnips. I’d done work for Sterk In Eten before, when I made a flyer featuring some of their products. These illustrations I did in water colors.


Of course you can see all these projects on my website: You can follow the process via Instagram (@bodiljane) and Facebook (

x Bodil Jane

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THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Daniel Sax made a video to accompany a speech by American radio presenter Ira Glass about helping creative people when they’re stuck, suffering from a block or feel like nothing matters anymore. For us it’s pure eye candy as it’s filled with sweet, original pictorial jokes with words.

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The youthful, innocent illustration style that makes Belgian Deborah van de Velde’s products so cute springs from her character. She’s a dreamer who’s been imagining running her own shop from an early age.


Can you tell us a little about yourself?
“I’m 26 years old and I’m the designer behind Bodesigns. After I finished my training in Graphic Design at the St.-Lucas Academy in Gent, I moved back to Aarschot. My mum ran a chocolate and birth announcements shop there and my dad was a carpenter. As a kid I used to steal wooden panels from his workshop and magically turn them into colorful paintings. I’d give them away in the street from my handmade shop. In my mum’s shop I created my own cards that I’d display in her window. I think that’s how it started for me…

Can you tell us more about your work? You also design for the C&A girls’ collection?
“I was looking for something steady so I searched for a job that would allow me to combine my passion for illustration with my graphic design training. I ended up at C&A by chance. I really love doing this job and next to it I need to do my own thing to express my feelings and let go of the stress from my regular job. My work expresses who I am… a dreamer, a little insecure, the eternal ditherer, cheerful and optimistic… I try to add something positive, sweet or funny to all my work. All the products I sell are my own design. The brooches are handmade, the postcards and posters are printed in limited editions and each teapot is a unique item that I paint or print myself.”

What are your plans for the future?
“None of my plans are set in stone, but I’d love a little shop where I could work as a freelancer with all my knickknacks and a line of birth announcements, first communion and wedding invitations around me.”

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Each week we feature a guest blogger on This month we yield the floor to Amsterdam based Bodil Jane (Bodil is her first name, Jane her second: together they are her alias), who recently graduated as an illustrator. She’s made lots of beautiful illustrations for a variety of clients. In the next four weeks she’ll share how she lives.

Hi there, Flow readers!

My name is Bodil Jane and I’m an illustrator. I work as a freelancer and live in Amsterdam. Last month I graduated from the Willem de Kooning Academy  (Dutch Academy of art and design) in Rotterdam. My work is mostly about life style subjects such as fashion, food and interior design. My illustrations are always handmade. I prefer to work with crayons, water color and ink. I’ve made illustrations for, among others, Jamie Magazine NL, VPRO Dorst, Sabato, King Louie, LoveStories, and Fricote.


This first blog is about my graduation project: ‘(Re)Discover the small food shops in Amsterdam West’. In my street in Amsterdam West there are two Albert Heijn (big Dutch supermarket chain)  departments and about eight small food shops. Still I noticed that most of my fellow students go to Albert Heijn on a daily basis. I think that’s such a shame and so uninspiring. I’d like people to develop more of a taste for food and to see them make a bit more of an effort to gather their favorite products. I don’t want to lose those small food shops so I feel we should support them. If we all go to these kinds of shops a little more often it will result in more fun, development of taste, inspiration, personal contact, a sense of community and culture.


In order to get local people excited about small shops I wanted to promote my five favorite shops. The end result was a mini-city-guide to Amsterdam West. There’s a fold-out map of the area in the back with the addresses of those five shops. You can have a look at the entire project on my website: By the way, I’m also on Instagram (@bodiljane) and Facebook (

x Bodil Jane


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Richarda de Rooij is someone who likes to just ‘get on with it’ and she’s doing a great job, with her beautiful shop filled with gorgeous posters and special paper.

140201_Saturday_Market_Petite Louise

Can you tell us a little about yourself?
“I was born in Amersfoort in 1982 and I moved back there with my husband, my five year-old daughter and our cat. Once upon a time I graduated from the MTS (vocational school) Fashion & Clothing. I used to work in that field and in 2008 I finally started my own line, which included stuffed toys and home accessories made of fabric. In 2011 I also started the Petite Louise web shop. That’s where I sell work by well-known and as-yet-unknown, young illustrators. I also really like listening to singer/songwriter Blaudzun, love drinking earl grey tea, adore flowers, enjoy color coordinating pieces of fabric, have a weak spot for tattoos and I always wear a scarf.”

Why did you decide on a shop selling posters and paper? 
“Ever since I was a girl, apart from my love of crafts and making clothes, I’ve had another passion: collecting cards. I’ve been selling cards in my web shop from the first and it just took off. It wasn’t a conscious choice, I simply followed my heart.”

What are you working on at the moment?
“My own line! The new Petite Louise Paper line, which will be available in shops as well! Back in October I covertly started designing cards and posters. There’s going to be a wonderful collection in collaboration with Nicola Davidson of Paper Moon illustrations. The Day Dream poster is a little appetizer.”

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We already know Australian Hailey Bartholomew from her 365 Grateful project, which we learnt about in the ‘What are you up to?’ feature in Flow International Magazine 3. Now, she’s busy trying to get a new idea off the ground in Australia, called ‘The little things’, a street art project where people will send in and share their photos depicting tiny pleasures. Think: the afternoon sun casting its light on a wall, warm socks on a cold morning, a cup of tea with a dear friend, and so on. By enlarging these photos and hanging them up throughout Sydney, Hailey hopes to stop passersby in their tracks and inspire them to reflect on their own little moments of happiness, which we all pass over too quickly. We think it’s a great idea, and we hope it takes off.  And we believe it will, because, as with Hailey’s other projects, she always manages to find followers around the world. Read more about the project and Hailey on

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