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If you look closely, they’re everywhere: beautiful quotes, insights and simple but handy tips. For this app, we’ve combined 365 of them with illustrations made by Lobke van Aar.

365 cards to make you feel connected, simplify your life, live mindfully or just to spoil yourself. You can start at any day of the year, share cards via Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, email and save your favourites cards for another time. Available for iPhone, iPad and Android smartphones and tablets.

The app costs € 1.79 or $1.99 and is available in the App Store and Google Play and you can download it on your Apple or Android smartphone and tablet.

Tablet en telefoon samen met cover

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An organic and, most of all, a very pretty whole: that’s Xandra van der Eijk’s web shop/web magazine.

140517_Saturday Market_I Wait Here(2)

Why and when did you start I Wait Here?
“I’ve been working on it since February of 2012, the website iwaithere.come has been online since 2014. Prior to that I traveled around with the graduation project I made for my master in Image & Sound at the Conservatory in The Hague. I did graphic design at Art School in The Hague before. As my graduation project was a big hit, it would’ve made sense for me to keep doing free work. But being an artist is very lonely for me. At this point in time I want so much more, and different. I want to feel connected, mean something to other people.”

Can you explain what I Wait Here is, exactly?
“I Wait Here really consists of three things: it’s an offline project where I try to help along designers to the best of my ability, in all kinds of ways. I am often surprised at how designers (and artists) are expected to know how to do absolutely everything themselves. Organizing production processes, doing their own marketing… Because the people who are being picked up are the ones who can do everything you see a lot of the same stuff in a lot of shops and magazines. Apart from this service, I Wait Here is an online magazine and an online shop. You can find the most amazing things on Pinterest and Tumblr, but the credits and the origin are often very hard to trace, On my site there are wonderful stories and images you can loose yourself in, but it’s immediately clear who made it and you can buy that unique item as well.”

What are your plans for the future?
“Ahhh, there are so many! Like the mini-festival I just organized together with  Sunday Mornings at the River, which we may want to repeat next year. I want to tackle the site some more and a paper magazine seems like a wonderful idea as well. Helping more designers and taking pictures of houses all over Europe (or outside!). So, this is only the beginning!”


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Flow mag international subscription

Flow is growing fast! And we want to make sure that all our readers have a chance to subscribe. We’re setting up an international subscriptions system so that readers around the world will get every single issue of Flow.

Want us to mail you when we have a subscription offer in your country? Send us an email at flowmag@sanoma.com. Put “subscription” in the subject line and tell us the country where you live. As soon as we have more details, we’ll get in touch.

Don’t worry: contacting us to request information doesn’t obligate you to subscribe. And you won’t get any spam from us about anything else.
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Each week we feature a guest blogger on Flowmagazine.com. This month we yield the floor to Natascha Boel. After first working as a lawyer in a few big firms, when she was 35 she decided to follow her heart and go to art school. As of 2010 she works as an independent designer, making illustrations for magazines, bags, paintings and wonderful post cards. She does all this from her little old house in the country she’s recently moved to. More about Natascha and het work at Nataschaboel.nl

Last week I told you about my new workshop, right in the middle of the fields of Linschoten. It’s hidden inside of an old barn from 1870. We left the outside – and the inside as well really – like it always had been (we did let the cows go), but inside….

1 Text in image: At the arrow, that’s where I work

A brand new little house is suspended. And I work inside of that! It’s wonderfully high, spectacularly light, open and very quiet. When I look outside I see a big pear orchard. What a place, right?

2Text in image: New work shop

If you’re familiar with my work a little you’ll know I simply adore little ornaments, lush decorations, curlicues, bric-a-brac, well, rather opulent embellishments. And books of course. I love having lots of different picture books near me for essential inspiration while I’m working. So my work shop didn’t stay quite this white and neatly empty for long. Here’s the result.

3Text in image:Wonderfully light!

I like to refer to the table in the middle as my operating table. At the moment I am making big paintings and drawings on paper (more about that later) and I can drape those nicely over the table so I can work on them easily (sometimes I even put them on the floor because it’s easier). The space has been well filled by now and I am here a lot. Every day at 8.30 I’m ‘off to work’. Apart from all my books, painting and drawing equipment, there are also quite a few little still lifes.

4Text in image:Still lifes galore

Those still lifes just happen once you’ve accumulated the amount of knickknacks I have over the years. You come across them in the spaces of my old mail sorting desk, on the heater, in, on and under the cupboard… And how marvellous that I can simply put (almost) all of them somewhere without bothering anybody else with my ‘junk’. I’m like a magpie, dragging anything shiny and sparkly back to my little house. These are interspersed with my work. Like the letter “E” I made for the Flow alphabet.

5Text in image: It’s like one big diorama here

Once I’d been working on assignment for a while and I’d been working on my little web shop quite hard, I felt it was time to try a different way of working. Thanks to this wonderful new space I really felt like making free work again. That’s kind of an assignment you give yourself. You never know what the result will be. That quest is something I really enjoy. Of course I found an umbrella to put my drawings and paintings under. If I didn’t, if I’d really have no idea where to start, I’d find it very hard to fill an empty, white sheet of paper. The little umbrellas became ‘embellishments’, what else could they have been. In this case the embellishments people use to make themselves pretty. I’ll tell you more about this next week.

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In her web shop – more of a hobby that got out of control – Stephanie Koster manages to present surprising brands rarely seen elsewhere in the Netherlands.140510-Saturday-Market_Coos-je

First of all, tell us about yourself?

“I just turned 41, happily married for years and mother of three boys. School wasn’t my cup of tea and after I finished high school I went straight to work. For years I worked in Human Resources and as an executive assistant. Until a year and a half ago. Because the company I worked for was taken over, I lost my job. That was THE moment to start the shop, I’d been thinking about it for a while. I also work in home care, the occasional morning, as the web shop isn’t making enough money to live of just yet. I mostly see it as a hobby I can really express myself in. One day I hope to open my own ‘real’ shop.”


Do you like about running a web shop?

“I like it a lot, but it definitely isn’t easy. I’m a perfectionist. I also want to be, and remain, original, but that’s a tall order. There are a lot of people who copy me, which of course I can’t forbid them to do. Everybody’s free to sell whatever he or she wants. In my opinion there’s not much point in all of us selling the same thing. It’s also hard because lots of (online) department stores are selling everything these days.”


What do you dream of when it comes to your own home?

“Got a minute? There are scores of things haha… Lighting is so important in a house, so there are some lamps of  Scandinavian origin that I’d love to have, such as two lamps by Gubi. The children’s coat stand ‘Hang it all’ by Eames is on my wish list as is a String wardrobe.”


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Each week we feature a guest blogger on Flowmagazine.com. This month we yield the floor to Natascha Boel. After first working as a lawyer in a few big firms, when she was 35 she decided to follow her heart and go to art school. As of 2010 she works as an independent designer, making illustrations for magazines, bags, paintings and wonderful post cards. She does all this from her little old house in the country she’s recently moved to. More about Natascha and het work at Nataschaboel.nl

Let me start by saying: Geertje, your work is so wonderfully refined. What amazing patience you must have. Really beautiful. And how special that I get to talk about my adventures as an illustrator the next few times.

1Text in picture: My old work shop

A while back you may have read in Flow that I lived and worked in (then) Gouda together with my boyfriend and two sons. In my attic work shop (shown in these pictures) I used to work on assignments for Flow and my web shop, Tempsperdu, to mention a few, until we all fell in love with the cutest little farm house in Linschoten which has taken up most of our time and attention ever since. The cute little farm house was in need of some pretty thorough renovations.

2Text in picture: TempsPerdu Card boxes (etc)

In my ‘in-between-two-houses-work-shop’ I made a series of dioramas for a fairytale client. I drew some of my inspiration for these pieces from Polly Becker, Lisa Kokin and Su Blackwell. All three of them have beautiful websites. There’s a pic of the dioramas below. Other than that I didn’t get to do much illustration work while we were in this breaking-and-building-period.

3Text in picture: Fairy tale dioramas

After a year and a half of bricklaying, plastering, sawing, hammering and painting (very educational actually) we now live in peace and quiet among little lambs, luscious blossoms and frolicking just-put-back-into-pasture-cows.

This daily holiday vibe was well worth the remodeling!

4Text in picture: In this pretty landscape / Sits my house/ Where they used to live

Along the little river ‘De Lange Linschoten’ (‘the long Linschoten’), where I live, there’s a pretty cycling route (have a look at Planjeroute.nl for instance) so if you should accidentally (or on purpose) pass by, ring my bell (you’ll know it’s my house when you see it) and have a look inside my new work shop.

We built, or rather ‘hung’, that work shop inside an old barn next to the house. It’s really the stuff dreams are made of… I’ll tell you more next week, including pictures of course!

See you then!

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Vivian Nijenhuis is an OR assistant and creates cool, feminine jewelry and accessories.


How did you start your shop?
“After finishing high school I trained as a goldsmith at the vocational school in Schoonhoven. After working as a goldsmith in Iceland and Denmark for two years I went back to the Netherlands, but I had a hard time finding a job here. So I went back to school and studied to be an OR assistant and did a Master Physician Assistant urology. Which is what I do. But I’ve always kept on a small work shop. I did some personal assignments, like wedding rings for friends. I was always drawn to the creative and I never completely gave up goldsmithing. A year ago I started my own line of jewelry Vive La Viv. I design and make jewelry from authentic, natural materials in small editions or even unique pieces.”

You trained as a goldsmith, does it show in your designs?
“I know a lot about materials, I know the pros and cons of using different metals. All the jewelry I make is also available in precious metals. You can also see my technical skills in the workmanship of the pieces. Almost all of my pieces contain (semi)precious stones with a meaning and the charms I use have a meaningas well. I always add a label to the jewelry with a description of the specific meaning and the powers of the precious stones.”

What are your plans for Vive La Viv?
“I hope to make a name for Vive La Viv, so I can spread the joy! My jewelry is affordable and it is sent out as a real present, I feel it’s important that it’s within reach for lots of people.”


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Each Wednesday we feature a guest blogger on Flowmagazine.com. This month we yield the floor to papercut artist Geertje Aalders. Using a knife she cuts the most wonderful scenes from paper, often with animals and flowers taking center stage. She does this for Flow quite often, for instance, she cut out our latest cover of 2 – 2014. All this month she will tell us about herself, her life and her work on this blog.

Me again! The past few weeks you may have been reading about who I am, what I make and how I work. The great thing is that April has a whopping five Wednesdays. So in this final edition of my stint as a guest blogger I am taking the opportunity to tell you about my new adventure

I may be a bit old-fashioned. I still like to send hand written letters, I look at a map at home to see how to get to places before I get into my car and I don’t use an app to see what the weather is like outside. Also, the trade I practice has its origins back in 300 b.C. And I’ve got the very old-fashioned Dutch name Geertje. People sometimes say they were expecting someone much older when they see me in the flesh for the first time, at a trade fair or for an interview.


But now it’s time, I’m ready for it, this is the moment: there’s going to be a Geertje Aalders Illustrations web shop! A very special one, with a tiny selection of very pretty stuff. I never had the ambition to run a shop, as I don’t underestimate the amazing amount time and effort that goes into something like that. But I do really want to spread my work and meet the enthusiastic demand for it. And I don’t mind going with the times just a little bit… So, finally, I am putting things in motion.


Last week I got together with graphic designer Marie-Louise de Bruijn of www.gravue.nl to go over some details . She will start working on my house style and my website, both of which will be completely revamped in the near future. Together we’re trying to figure out how the web shop should be built. In the mean time I will finish completing the collection. I’ll be selling papercuts in different sizes and colors, little books, screen prints, textiles and more. I am really looking forward to it!


4Keep an eye on www.geertjeaalders.nl! Via twitter @geertjeaalders I’ll be announcing our launch. It would be great to see you there!

Thanks to Flow Magazine, for letting me write this blog, I absolutely loved it. But thanks most of all for your boundless enthusiasm and the attention you lavish on all the illustrators you have created such a rewarding podium for. It’s wonderful.

So long everybody, thanks for reading my blog. Bye!

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