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130306_SaturdayMarket_URBANS AND INDIANS

Spending your spare time looking at sturdy, but ugly stuff? It made Mariëlle and Linda sad. Which is how they came up with a web shop filled with great and beautiful glamping (glamourous camping) stuff.

Who are behind this web shop?
“Behind Urbans and Indians canvas are Mariëlle and Linda. Two women who love spending time outdoors with family and friends, getting their toes in the sand and listening to the nightingales. We got to know each other because we fell in love with two brothers. Kids, marriages, close family ties and tent cabins on

Camping Bakkum (a campsite near Amsterdam) ensued. As did lots of fun and enthusiasm. When it comes to work we are both very ambitious. We see opportunities, aim high and want to DO so much. That really helps running Urbans and Indians.

What kind of holiday style do you like best?
“We both grew up camping. Sleeping rough on the beach, sleeping in an umbrella size tent, a tent trailer, an old fashioned caravan, a former ambulance; we’ve done it all. Now that we have kids, we’ve got two big Bell tents for rambles and a tent cabin and a mobile home in Bakkum. And every now and again we grab a backpack and hop on a plane to faraway places. Jungles, mountains, coves, little markets… Just wonderful. Our kids really love wandering through a country as well and get a say in where we go. Our ideal holiday is very versatile. And free.”

What’s your number one camping tip?
“Don’t save your camping stuff for once a year. Change it around! Invest in outside things that are so pretty that you can use them all year in your home. It saves both time and money!”

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Every week we feature a guest blogger on
This month: illustrator Daan Rot,


Text in the picture: Dance and forget.

A drawing becomes a lino and can be used in so many different ways. No two prints are the same. With my over 100 hand gouged stamps I don’t print on just paper. I like to put my signature on a boring shirt and a little swan on my bag. Fabrics, leather, wood, even entire walls receive a Daan make-over.


A text on the back of my sweater may elicit a smile, a memory or a little skip from a stranger. A chocolate message for someone who needs it. And I add some wise words to Pretty Marcello Mastroianni. Put this week’s printable in your window, use it to wrap a gift, print it onto a t-shirt, make it into a hat or…


Whereas this week we dance to keep warm, next week there may just be some spring sun. So let’s trip the light fantastic and see you next week!

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While looking for prints to adorn her own house Tineke Smit came across so much prettiness that she decided to bring them all together in her own shop filled with paper treasure.

What is your favorite style?

“I like, how shall I describe them, ‘delicate’ drawings. Like the ones Alice Dufay does, if you have a look at my site, posters like ‘Yuki’ and ‘Mai’. But I also love colorful screen prints of little birds sitting in a row or tiny bugs… or Serrote’s little bikes. I actually like way too many, which is why I started the shop. That way I can have it all! There are so many awesome artists and designers out there. Lots of them aren’t well known in The Netherlands, but they design and create really great stuff. My web shop is nothing but a collection of things that touch me or that I’d love to own. And seriously… It’s purely coincidental that all of them have something to do with paper!”

What else do you get up to in your daily life?

“Mostly I am a mum to my seven-year-old daughter Robin. Other than that I work for a commercial nursery, where I manage the orders from garden centers, gardeners and for export. I used to run a shop in wooden floors together with my husband, the experience I got there is very useful to me running my web shop.”

You approached Dutch designer Floris Hovers for a print of his ArcheToys (toy cars) design. Why?

“Because I just adore his ArcheToys designs. So real and naïve. We started a collaboration, which resulted in an awesome print in a limited edition of 199 pieces.  On my website there’s a great video of the production process on an old, 1953, Heidelberg printing press.”

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Every week we feature a guest blogger on

This month: illustrator Daan Rot, maandagdaandag.blogspot.nl1a

If, when Thursday rolls around, you think ‘what happened to Tuesday and Wednesday?’ Then it’s time for a Favorite day. A party day that needs to be celebrated regularly.

Bake a cake (or two), finish that book in one sitting, watch 24 for a day, get lost in

Boijmans Van Beuningen (museum of fine arts in Rotterdam) or spend the day lounging around butt naked in the sauna.


 That is why I love working with linoleum/making stamps. Sketching for hours, drawing, and gouging. No running or hurrying and plenty of time for that all-important musing.

I gouged out six new stamps this week; labels for presents, to hide inside a lunch box, to send as a postcard, to tie to someone’s bike….(or to stick inside that second cake). I made it into a printable and soon it will be available as a stamp.


Today we’re all snowed in, down here in the cold south, and out of necessity we’ll be celebrating a Favorite day. The stove is purring, the pencils and gouges are at the ready.

Enjoy your hot chocolate and until next week!

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Sometimes the best Flow things happen in the weekends. Like the poster we sent (to people who ordered our Simplify book), which we came across in many different guises in the social media. Sandra Takken added an embroidered edge all around. And Giovannella Brusatin (below) made buttons using illustrations from Flow and masking tape. Lots of fun stuff crossed our path, especially on Instagram #flowmagazine. Isn’t it wonderful that what we’ve put together with so much love and care gets a kind of second life, rather than end up as kitty litter?


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Every Wednesday we feature a guest blogger on This month: illustrator Daan Rot,

Gastblog 1

Daan Rot is married to Dutch singer Jan Rot, mother to foursome Elvis (2002), Rover (2005), Wolf (2008) and Maantje Piet (2011), a creative all-rounder, who’s creating her second collection of stamps, works as an illustrator and a photographer and documents her colorful family life on her blog

I was born brimming with positivity, to the point where it gets annoying sometimes. I simply forget bad or difficult stuff. Which is why, as I remember it, my kids were model babies, I’ve never had any cavities and my hair has always looked fabulous.

I work in our Villa Villekulla in a tiny village on the Belgian border. Surrounded by chaos, with four kids, a remarkable husband and a whiny old cat, I have my own little island at the kitchen table (my own work room has disguised itself as a junk room).

Gastblog 2

This week I made a printable sheet for an envelope. The carrier pigeon is the first design in my new stamp collection, which will be available soon. So send some snail mail to a friend you haven’t seen in a while, your gran, the bakery you’ve been buying your bread from for years…

I’ll come up with a new surprise for next week on this spring afternoon.

Enjoy the sun!


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Ceramic is the generic term for materials like stoneware, porcelain and earthenware. The first two are what Suus Notenboom uses to make her beautiful utensils and jewelry.

How did you get started as a ceramics artist and what do you do exactly?

“A colleague once took me along to a ceramics workshop and it was love at first throw. I did the SBB ceramics training and worked at Cock Keramiek (‘Cock Ceramics’) for years. I’ve been running my own web shop and my ‘stone’ shop in Rotterdam for the past 3-and-a-half years and I make everything that’s in the shop. I also teach classes at Cock and at the Stichting Kunstzinnige Vorming Rotterdam (the Foundation for Arts Education Rotterdam) and I sell on the occasional market. Quite a full load, all in all!”

What fascinates you about clay?

“I’ve always had a thing for crafts and handmade objects. I graduated from the Haagse school voor mode en kleding (the school for fashion and clothes in The Hague), but the fashion world just wasn’t my cup of tea. Clay is everywhere and for everyone, young or old, you can find it all over the world. From bowls in Africa to a Ming dynasty vase worth $46 million. It’s very earthy as well. I love beginning with a small ball of clay and watch it take on an entire life of its own while I’m shaping and firing it. Porcelain I adore because it is refined and it’s kinda cocky and stoneware, that’s a mixture of different kinds of clay – because it has a natural, earthy appeal.”

What would you like to make from ceramic one day?

“I’d like to make more figurative and visual work, so I can put my emotions and my feelings out there more. But as I’m so busy and because it’s more about survival these days thanks to the recession, I simply don’t have the time.”

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In the Flow day-to-day calendar – which we put together for the very first time this year – we feature a different 31 (or 30) day project on the first day of every month. That kind of thing is fun to do on your own, but last Friday on Instagram @Moosmade came up with the idea to share the pictures from the March project on Instagram. And then it turned into a really fun, joint project (hash tag #Flow31details). We are at day 4 and there are more than 400 pictures with this hash tag, including some from Japanese and American contributors. Wonderful little corners inside of homes, lampshades, statues, special ornaments, all kinds of things. You can still join in by the way.


 (Some of the contributions by @dowhatyouloveandlovewhatyoudo @blossom1975 @marijepasman and us.)

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