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Claudia van den Berg did a lot of moving around and decorating homes turned out being her specialty. She has finally turned this hobby into (part of) her work by opening a web shop filled with beautiful, sustainable and unique home accessories.

You’ve been in business since 2009… How’s it going?
“I started my business because I love the combination of being creative and dealing with customers. It had been years since I’d done any sewing so I decided to take some lessons. At first I made my own clothes, preferably with challenging patterns. Later on I started making more and more products for the home. My mum runs a haberdashery shop and I sold my stuff there first. Then I made myself a website and started selling online as well. These days I also sell items I didn’t make myself. I do focus on colorful, sustainable brands, and only those that aren’t being sold yet anywhere else in The Netherlands. You end up buying something very unique indeed.”

What else do you do?
“I’m a biologist, I work for a research institution four days a week. I advise people in the food industry on how best to brand their product and how to make sure those products are safe. Something completely different, but I do see a few similarities: we don’t have standard solutions so coming up with solutions together with the client and creativity are very important as well. There are also similarities in dealing with customers. Recently I noticed that a lot of my items feature animals. I’d never realized it before, I guess it’s because I am a biologist at heart. These days I notice I have a soft spot for interior decorations that depict animals.”

What was your best moment so far?
“A while back, I got a new colleague at work. We were talking about online shopping when she suddenly said: I know this great web shop where I bought some pillows recently: Ookinhetpaars (‘comes in purple as well’). Of course I couldn’t wait to tell her that was me!”

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Every week we feature a guest blogger on This month:

January has come to an end and that means that this is my final post for Flow. If you’ve enjoyed my posts, do have a look at my blog

I started my blog in 2010. Basically after seeing the movie Julie & Julia. A wonderful, foodie movie about a girl who starts a blog. My blog is my online inspirational scrapbook. I love starting the day with a blog post. On my blog I gather everything I do, see, design, love, enjoy or find amusing. Every day I write about design, DIY tutorials, prints, concepts, lifestyle, art, travel, food… Anything fun really.

As promised: January won’t end before I’ve made one of you the happy owner of a Sjoesjoe giveaway! So what do you have to do: tell all the readers of Flow Magazine and me what fabulous thing you did or what you are proud of by leaving a comment below. It will inspire everybody to hear all your great stories.

Dare to be fabulous! I will be choosing a winner next week, can’t wait!


Finally, I’d like to thank Flow so much for letting me kick off this year writing Sjoesjoe posts on this wonderful blog! Byeeeeeee!

Posted by our guest blogger: Joëlle.

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Our international edition has been for sale for a few weeks now and now we’re receiving even more mail from all the corners of the earth. While we are putting away our snow boots and our sleds, we got this. From Northern Canada.

From Hannah. She writes: ‘Since the fishing was slow today, I thought I’d sit back and relax, sip on some maple whisky, and wait for the fish to bite while browsing through the latest English edition of FLOW MAGAZINE that my thoughtful Dutch sister-in-law recently gave me…’ Posted by: Astrid

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I’d seen it before in a French edition, but now this beautiful book is also available in Dutch: Rebecca’s Little Theatre, by Rebecca Dautremer. The book features the same small figures as in Rebecca’s earlier work, but this time in such a way that it looks like a fairy tale of its own. A small theatre really (hence the name perhaps?).
Each page has been cut out, and this creates a new scene every time you turn a page. What remains is a little lady riding a bike on a tightrope. So artful and clever. And made so admirably, as if every page has been cut out by hand, which isn’t possible, as the book doesn’t come in at a thousand euros, but a very reasonable 29,95. Published by the Davidsfonds (the Davids foundation, a Flemish cultural fund).
Posted by: Jocelyn.

We found these small pictures on instagram, sketches by Rebecca, how lovely.

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Ioana Weber likes to describe the special items she makes and sells in her Etsy shop as ‘one-off accessories’, which emphasize both the character and the esthetical values of the wearer.

Can you tell us a little about yourself; family, work?
“I’m from Argentina, I’ve been living in The Netherlands for over twenty years, I trained as an interior architect at the Willem de Kooning Academy and I am married with two kids. I used to work for some major architectural firms, until my husband and I decided to start our own agency. Occasionally, I’ll take on a freelance assignment as an interior architect. I also really enjoy coming up with new ideas and creating them. For me, Etsy is a wonderful platform to show and sell my products to a larger audience.”

Why do you make the items you make?
“I love the fact that my products are wearable or useful around the house. Sometimes I make my own clothes as well, but giving that a go… At this point in time it would be too much. But you never know!”

What does creativity mean to you?
Everything, or at least a lot. I couldn’t do without it; it’s been a part of me since I was little. When I am working on an assignment, I really listen to my clients and I come up with something that suits them. I really enjoy that. When it comes to my own designs, I’m in charge… which is great as well and very liberating to boot. It can be tricky and challenging at times, because you can’t lose either your focus or your fun while you’re working on it!”

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Every week we feature a guest blogger on This month:

So that is why my day always begins with a round of blogs and my ultimate favorite: Pinterest! Nothing beats having a cup of tea and starting the day with a burst of inspiration! I am always curious about what I’ll be looking at and what kind of cool stuff people have come up with. I scroll past fashion, beautiful pictures, distant lands, talented designers, yummy recipes, DIY tutorials and art. The beauty of this planet keeps amazing me. There’s so much creative talent out there. Each of them with their own style and creativity. It provides me with a daily jolt of energy that really cheers me up.

And it goads me into designing pretty things as well. To me, Pinterest is a moment to stop worrying about the day’s plans or all the deadlines I still have to meet…. And definitely stop thinking about my countless to-do lists. It’s a moment to myself. I suppose you could call it an addiction, but let’s call it a fab addiction!

When I look at my boards they say such a lot about me! The pictures show the things I love, what interests me, and, more importantly, which raspberry swirl roll I’d love to make! Would you like to see more Sjoesjoe pins? Have a look at my Pinterest account!

Such a shame that next week is my last Flow blog already! You can start looking forward to a fun Sjoesjoe give away. See you next week.

Posted by our guest blogger: Joëlle.

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In her Etsy shop Olga Harbridge sells the kind of gorgeous retro fabrics that’ll make you go all weak with desire. What can we make this time?!

Your name doesn’t sound very Dutch, do tell…
“I am half Dutch! My father is British and I grew up in Britain, where my parents used to run a small shop selling antiques, bric-a-brac and anything vintage. That’s how I got my love for all things old and how I learned to scour flea markets and charity shops looking for treasure from an early age. In my late twenties I got curious about my Dutch roots and twenty years, a partner, two kids and a cat later, I have no intention to move back again.”

How did you get started with your shop?
“I graduated from fashion college, both here and in Britain, and afterwards I did a course in photo styling with Artemis, an institute for professional styling education. I worked as a stylist for a while, but I found it hard to combine with two kids and running a household. Nowadays I work at Exota, a shop in Amsterdam, three days a week and I run Fabbits as well. Ten years ago I started Dolly Bags with a friend. We made bags from authentic retro fabrics. Both Fabbits and Dolly Bags spring from my personal collection of vintage fabrics, which I’ve been collecting for the past fifteen years. Unfortunately, the handwork on the bags costs such a lot of time that I’ve decided to focus solely on the fabrics, as they are my great love. I adore extreme prints, the colors and the textures. And, obviously, the quality of the prints, which were mostly still being screen printed back then.

What are your plans for the future?
“I still dream about a ‘real’ shop of my own, where I’d sell vintage fabrics and all kind of other pretty stuff….”

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Every week we feature a guest blogger on This month:

Shut up and just live your dreams! That’s what I try to do every day. Don’t fret about how, what and when… And don’t worry about whether it’s possible or allowed, but just do it! Ever since I took a trip around the world for six months, I’ve started to follow my heart more and more. It has shown me what makes me happy and what gives me energy. I came back with a nice wish list and I am making good progress, putting little checks next to each one! A large part of the joy and the fun in life is realizing your dreams and your goals.

One of those dreams is the Dilly-dallying festival! You may have read about it in Flow 6. I had such fun organizing the first edition of this festival last year, together with Marieke Noordanus of Mint PR. It was an idea that made us feel good and we just did it! A festival that gave us the scope to use all our talents, how wonderful is that? Which is what made it such a special day! A day full of surprises as to creativity, music, drinks and food! And all of it immersed in a great Dilly-dallying festival atmosphere (because that was also one of the checks on my wish list… more dilly-dallying!)

We’re not quite sure when the next Dilly-dallying festival will take place, but there will definitely be another one! You can read all about it on our Facebook page.

Posted by our guest blogger: Joëlle.

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