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Why deer? About five years ago my obsession got started and my deer radar still beeps for practically any deer I come across, and then I simply must adopt it. There are several reasons why I admire this animal, but I mostly just like to identify myself with deer. Soft and vulnerable, yet also strong and majestic, graceful in her poise and balance. These are all qualities I aspire to in life, and which suit me (even though the balance part could do with a bit of work).

This little statue from the twenties is my favorite. I came across it on a flea market in the Ardennes. I must admit I have gotten a bit carried away with the collection and I do try, though I find it very difficult, to adopt fewer deer and even give the occasional one away to other deer enthusiasts (and luckily there are plenty of those).

The highlight of my deer ‘obsession’ is the tattoo I got two years ago. The deer on my arm looks as if she’s right out of a fairy tale. I thought about it a lot and I’ll never be sorry I got it done. Every time I look at my tattoo I am reminded of fairy tales, miracles, magic and the child inside of me. Stuff I will happily think about until I am a little old lady!
Posted by our guest blogger: Nikki.


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