We simply adore them, the illustrations by Annemoon van Steen in the current issue of Flow, that go with an article on classical music. It might be fun to describe how we go about this kind of thing (even though every case is different). First comes the idea: we thought it would be nice if a piece of music were to ‘come to life’ in the illustration, so we thought she might take a piece of sheet music and use this as a background and add some birds flying away. We also wanted the illustration to  continue onto the second page for a bit. So after a phone call, we sent this incredibly artistic scrap to Annemoon via mail, accompanied by the remark: ‘Something like this, but much prettier ;-)’

Luckily Annemoon is very quick on the uptake, so after about a week we received a couple of options, including these two.

We picked the second one (even though the other one is awesome as well), and after some toing and froing with our art director Annelinde everything was ready to go, until Annelinde suddenly remarked ‘So why doesn’t that turkey have a head?’ So back to Annemoon, who produced a more pronounced head on the bird in the middle (not a turkey by the way).

So there you have it, in a nut shell. But you should really have a look at it in the magazine, because it adds the feel of paper. We love it! Posted by: Jocelyn

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