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I love making over our house every now and again. Often I throw myself into it very impulsively; I find fault with the wallpaper and just start ripping it off. In hindsight, that’s not always the best approach, because I haven’t made a plan and it can take months for me to figure out what wallpaper to use instead.

I do like the occasional long-term project. I’ll pick up a cupboard from my father-in-law, I’ll cover a footstool with a nice vintage piece of fabric and I’ll sell the old dining room chairs on Marktplaats (Dutch eBay). Little by little things start coming together, resulting in a place where you can sit and look around you fondly and come up with new ideas all over again.

My greatest triumph is this hutch: I’d been scouring Marktplaats for ages! When I first clapped eyes on it I just knew: this is the one for me. I traded it for a hydrangea, can you believe it? It had stained glass windows, but I felt it would be better as more of a display cabinet, so I changed it to clear glass.

My boyfriend just lets me get on with it. Apart from a few small tidbits (a space-age coffee table that I’m not allowed to touch and a bird shaped lamp that’s just all wrong so I’ve banished it to the bedroom) I get to do whatever I want and I just love doing it!

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