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Every time I hand in my roll of film at my local photo shop, I receive some odd looks. Apparently I am one of very few who still do this, and according to the gentleman who runs the shop ‘analog photography is a dying art’. Of course we know best, analog photography is actually enjoying its second youth. The analog camera is making a comeback!

Whether it’s a stylish old SLR, a polaroid or a lomography camera, they all add a whiff of magic to a picture. Soft colors, a bit grainy, slightly out of focus, and the occasional cute, random, little smudge. Analog photography doesn’t have to be perfect, on the contrary; spots and light leaks actually make an image more special.

Most analog cameras work with standard rolls of 35mm film. You can simply buy these at Hema or Kruidvat (two Dutch chain stores). Older or instant models can prove a bit harder to find film for. Luckily there are companies like and A negative scanner can come in very handy as well, that way you can scan your negatives directly to your computer, saving yourself the costs of printing.
Feel inspired? Check out your granny’s attic for an old camera or pop by your local charity shop. Experiment and surprise yourself with the results! Would you like to know more? Internet has a wealth of information and you can always ask (for instance in a comment on this blog).

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