We saw a filled out copy of our writing practice sheet from Flow 3-2011 on Mieke’s blog. Fun to see that people actually use the stuff we come up with. Someone who also enjoyed seeing that was Ben Hamerling, the Dutch handwriting guru, who helped us put the practice sheets together. Ben develops teaching materials for primary schools, but he also travels throughout The Netherlands to get adults to (re)learn how to write. Because, as Ben well knows, loads of them could do with some help in that department. We thought it was because of all the typing we do these days, but according to Ben there’s more to it than that. We put the little book together because we thought it might be fun, some old fashioned exercises (and stickers from the teacher), Ben sees this as part of his life’s ambition: teaching people how to write well (again). In the Flow winter book (due out on November 13th) we’ll be featuring another little writing course, again thanks to Ben. Even though Mieke seems to be doing fine…. Posted by: Jocelyn.

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